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Making you and your team more capable data engineers 🚀

When you want to transform data into value, you have two options: either you outsource this process to experts, or you attempt to do it yourself. Since technology is ever evolving at enormous speeds, the latter might be hard since you might not have the know-how internally.


At Data Minded, we help you with the value extraction process in both ways: you can use our consultancy services, or improve with our academy services. With the academy, our shared intent is to make you more capable in record time. We offer workshops on key technologies and data challenges that are common in even the best data driven companies.

Location 📍

Remote or on-premises, we have experience with both approaches, and even run hybrid formats: with flipped-classroom trainings, participants watch the theory upfront, and then join the interactive sessions to have the material deeply ingrained.

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Classroom trainings


Remote sessions


On-premise workshops

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