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If you have some experience in programming with Python and are looking to take the next step, you might be overwhelmed by the amount of information that is available. You can find an abundance of blogs and tutorials about data engineering online and there are several academic courses that can teach you the theory.


Yet, it remains unnecessarily hard to get hands-on experience in data engineering. With our years of experience in the field, building actual solutions for our clients, we aim to go beyond the theory and teach you all that you need to know to become a productive data engineer.

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What to expect from the Winter School

During the Winter School, we will immerse our students in the world of data engineering through practical workshop on the key elements of data engineering. At the end of this week, each student will have the fundamental knowledge and skills to contribute to data projects as a junior data engineer. The student will be able to troubleshoot code, fix bugs, and contribute new features. Each participant who has successfully completed the the final capstone project, will receive an official certificate of this course. 

Topics covered during our workshops

Our experienced teachers



As the lead of the Data Minded academy, Oliver has trained many students already, including on DataCamp. Besides the academy, Oliver leads client engagements for Data Minded.



Michiel is a senior data engineer, with a broad perspective on industrializing data pipelines and programming languages.



Nathan is a senior data engineer who has experience building solutions across three different cloud service providers (AWS, Azure and GCP).



Jelena is a data engineer guiding the deployment of machine learning models into production and transforming SQL pipelines into modular, testable components.



Jan is a senior data engineer having deep knowledge on infrastructure automation and ML frameworks. 



Lieven is a senior data engineer with multicloud experience, capable of creating both batch and real-time data pipelines.



Better data engineering


Data Minded is a premium data engineering agency that was founded in 2014. It is our mission to elevate organisations to the next level of data maturity by guiding them to industrialise their data products, modernising their technological data landscape and improving the internal operating model and skills. All of which will make the clients more data minded.


Data engineering is, unfortunately, a relatively undifferentiated work field where not everyone is equally represented. At Data Minded, we want to change that.


We want to encourage more diversity in the field of data engineering, and that starts by giving everybody the opportunity to participate in learning opportunities like this one. That is why we are giving away 5 free seats to our Winter Academy.

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