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Data Engineering
Winter School

February 5th - 9th, 2024

Registration period is over.

Learn data engineering from the pros

Sure, you can learn data engineering on your own. Or from professors. But with both approaches, you'll miss the opportunity to learn what real data engineering in business contexts looks like. Our instructors are data engineering consultants, with years of hands-on experience. We can launch your career and put you ahead of the curve 🚀. Our next Winter School is for you if you want to become a data engineer!

After 5 days of new experiences which go well beyond the theory, you will be able to add significant contributions to data engineering pipelines. Whether you do so in teams or entirely by yourself! The skills you'll acquire and tools you'll learn, will serve you throughout your entire career.

We provide the foundations for the junior and medior levels, though you should be familiar with the basics of Python. This means that people without data engineering experience are welcome, but also those who have some experience with it.


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Winter School at a glance

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On-premise classes at

Leuven, Belgium


5 days workshops with some online videos beforehand


5th - 9th,


Full program is taught in English

  • 1.600 EUR for SMEs

  • 500 EUR for students

  • 2.500 EUR for others

15% off for groups of 2-3,
30% off for groups of 4-10
Register before Dec 15th -20%

Prices exclude VAT.

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The Program


Need more details? Read on in the “what you may be wondering" section.


What you will learn during our courses


Our experienced teachers

Jan Vanbuel.jpg

Jan Vanbuel

Senior Data Engineer

Jan has deep knowledge of infrastructure automation and ML frameworks. His data engineering experience is certified by both Azure and GCP.

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Michiel De Muynck

Data Engineer

Michiel is leading data analytics efforts both at our clients and internally. Not only is he experienced with modularizing SQL pipelines, but he also pays great attention to data quality.


Hannes De Smet

Data Engineer

Hannes has experience building streaming engines on multiple cloud providers and is teaching several courses focusing on Azure services.


Jonny Daenen

Senior Data Engineer

Certified by GCP, Jonny leads several data engineering initiatives at our clients and teaches about several related topics, both in and out of Data Minded.


Ana Escobar

Data Engineer

Ana has experience in streaming and batch pipelines, and easily implements CICD pipelines to get to those multiple deployments per day.


Cedric Mingneau

Data Engineer

A former graduate of one of our winter school editions, Cedric joined Data Minded to continue building expertise, which he now wants to share with our students.

General price

€2500 per participant for the week

Participant from SMEs: €1600

Students: €500.

Discount options

  • early bird
    20% off if you register before Dec. 15th, 2023

  • group discount
    up to 3 people: 15%
    4 to 10 people: 30% off

  • SME funding through the KMOPortefeuille of the Flemish Government.


2 participants from the same SME

You and your colleague, both from the same SME, registered before the early-bird deadline. Total price: 2x1600€ x 80% (early-bird discount) x 85% (group discount) = 2176€.

Your colleague basically joins for a little over 1/3rd of the price!

2 from a Multinational, one of which a student

You're working for a big multinational with over 250 employees (hence, non-SME). You and a student who's interning with you register after the early-bird deadline. Since your colleague is a student, they register at €500. You register at €2600. But, because you form a group, you still benefit from a 15% discount. Total price: 2635€.

Early Bird discount ends on December 15th, 2023


Are you (working for) a SME in Vlaams Gewest? 

Use the “kmo-portefeuille” subsidy!

Data Minded Academy courses are eligible for a subsidy from the “kmo-portefeuille”: small and medium-sized enterprises located in the Flemish Region can receive a subsidy of up to €7500 per year for services offered by registered providers, like Data Minded.


Check whether you meet the conditions and how much subsidy you can receive. You can also start the application procedure there.

Calculation example:


A small company can be reimbursed 30% of the Summer School, so that it does not cost €1600, but only €1120 for 1 employee. Other discounts, like the early bird discount, still apply.


Pricing & Discounts

Making people more capable data engineers 🚀

What did past participants say?


The Winter School was a good amount of challenging. A lot of the concepts were still new despite having gone through the material beforehand. I enjoyed all the exercises, and learned a lot.


 Naomi Thiru

School participant

Week details

Save you seat now

  • Why become a data engineer?
    Data engineers have one of the hottest jobs on the market today. In 2021, most companies have run their first data science experiments, they have started a migration to the cloud and they are collecting more data than ever. In the midst of it all, data engineers aim to bring order in this rapid-evolving world. And as a result, they are in very high demand. That has been true for years and that will be true for the foreseeable future. As a data engineer you get the opportunity to work on the most exciting data challenges for the most innovative companies. You get to develop your interests and build mastery in specific areas of data engineering that excite you the most. You get to choose which company you want to work for and you get to choose how you want to create a dent in the universe.
  • What is a data engineer?
    Data engineers apply software engineering principles to data. The job of a data engineer goes far beyond simply ingesting and cleansing data. They build scalable cloud-native architectures, automate deployment pipelines, industrialise ML models and generally enable the rest of the organisation to do more with data.
  • What is the objective of this course?
    At the completion of this course, the student has the fundamental knowledge and skills to contribute to data projects as a junior data engineer. The student is able to troubleshoot code, fix bugs, and contribute new features. These fundamentals should also give the student enough context to learn further and investigate new things about data engineering. It is not an objective of the course to be a comprehensive guide to data engineering or discuss each technology in depth. We believe becoming a good at anything, including data engineering, takes years of practice and it hard to achieve true mastery. This course should get you started in the right direction though.
  • What do you get at completion of this course?
    Each participant who successfully completes the final capstone project, will receive an official certificate signed by Data Minded. This certificate validates that the student has completed the entire course and has reached the learning objectives of this course.
  • Who are we aiming this curriculum at?
    This set of courses is perfect for people who have a bit of coding experience in python but are new to the data world. We will not be teaching what a for-loop is or an if test. If you want to learn the basics of python, this (TODO: Add link) is a great course to start. We welcome students of all ages and backgrounds. For industry professionals, we encourage to talk to your employer for funding of this course, as it should benefit them at least as much as it benefits you. For students, you can apply for a special 50% discount. We allocate free spaces for underrepresented minorities. This is our small contribution to making the IT and data world more inclusive. Contact us to apply.
  • Why do we organise this course?
    The course was originally set up to get juniors within Data Minded up to speed quickly. We decided to make it available to the world at very democratic prices because we believe the entire eco-system benefits if more people understand the basics of data engineering.


Getting data done


Data Minded is a premium data engineering agency that was founded in 2014. It is our mission to elevate organisations to the next level of data maturity by guiding them to industrialise their data products, modernising their technological data landscape and improving the internal operating model and skills. All of which will make the clients more data minded.

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