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We offer hands-on interactive workshops, led by skilled instructors who use these tools on a daily basis. Find our portfolio of regularly given workshops below. If what you're looking for isn't here, we might still have experience with it, just haven't gotten around to making a workshop for it. Contact us, if you have more questions.

Our workshops usually consist of two parts: theory and hands-on. The format in which you participate affects the proceeding:

  • hop-in:
    the instructor interleaves the theoretical bits with hands-on exercises and/or discussions. This allows for an improved learning approach, since theoretical considerations are quickly followed by their practical "so what?"

  • summer/winter school:
    you watch videos upfront. The length of the interactive parts might be reduced to fit with the planning of the week.

  • à la carte:
    catered to your likings: most of our course participants prefer the frequent switching between theory and exercises (and we do too), like we do with the hop-in format, but if you want to watch all videos upfront and then have our instructors on-site, that's an option too. Just ask.


Our workshop portfolio


The price on the invoice depends on the format and is communicated upfront, so there are no surprises.

In particular, for the


  • hop-in format, the price is €500 per person, per 8h. Prices are prorated for the actual amount of hours taught, so a course that takes only 4h, costs €250.

  • winter/summer school format, the price is mentioned on the dedicated registration page itself and takes into account the size of your company, and student-status for non-working data professionals.

  • à la carte format, the price is negotiated between both parties.

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