Basic tooling for data engineers


0.5 day workshop

This course is part of our winter school. 

About the Course

Becoming a Data Engineer can’t be improvised! Every day, Data Engineers write code and execute it on computers (may it be their own laptops or remote machines hosted in the Cloud). While the last sentence can seem obvious, the tools we use definitely aren’t. And it’s time for you to learn them. This workshop is split into 2 parts: Git and Linux basics.
The Git part of this workshop will make you learn, with real-life examples, how to version control source code but also how to effectively collaborate with your teammates on a common codebase.
In a second time, the Linux basics part will prepare you to interact with Linux-based machines. We will learn and practice fundamental commands while replacing that knowledge in the broader Data Engineering landscape.
By the end of this course, you should be able to use Git and Linux in real-life projects. This will undoubtedly boost your productivity and delivery quality.

Your Instructor

Nathan Derave

Nathan Derave