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Capstone project



fundamentals, build data pipelines, industrialize data pipelines

Duration (fully-guided training)


Flipped-classroom training duration:


of videos and


of interactive workshop.

About the Course

This is a special workshop, held only at the end of our winter/summer schools, as it depends on people's prior knowledge, which is set to a similar level for all participants during the winter/summer schools. Hence, you can't follow this in ad-hoc or à la carte formats.

In the Capstone project, we will bring together all the knowledge you've learned in the individual courses into one end-to-end solution. You'll get a chance to team up with other students and create an actual data engineering project from start to finish. You will present your work to the teachers who will give you feedback on the overall solution, the technical implementation details and next steps. This Capstone project should inspire you to build many more data engineering projects throughout your career.

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