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Infrastructure as Code with Terraform



industrialize data pipelines

Duration (fully-guided training)


Flipped-classroom training duration:


of videos and


of interactive workshop.

About the Course

Be ready to manage infrastructure at scale in the age of "anything as a service"! 🚀

Gone are the days where people went into the basements to install a new server and attach all the right cables. With cloud computing and modern frameworks for on-premise infrastructure, we can now configure infrastructure entirely through code.

In this course you'll learn about Terraform, a popular way to manage
infrastructure as code and have immense changes applied in minutes instead of weeks.

By taking this course, you will be able to

* add and edit cloud resources to a code base
* create and destroy infrastructure in the blink of an eye
* apply security best practices to infra as code
* modularize components, so you can share these modules easily across environments and across code bases.

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