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Python for Data Engineering




Duration (fully-guided training)


Flipped-classroom training duration:


of videos and


of interactive workshop.

About the Course

As a data engineer, you should be proficient in at least SQL and Python. In this course, we focus on the Python parts that are essential for data engineering. If you're a data scientist, chances are you'll benefit from this more than you might think, since after a short introduction to the language basics and a foray into the json, csv, and pandas libraries, we focus on software engineering principles, like SOLID programming and clean code, and show you how to package your Python software.

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to
* use Python to analyze and transform data in the most common formats,
* apply software engineering practices to larger codebases
* make reusable libraries of code

This course is currently not available in the flipped-classroom format.

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