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Containerization with Docker

Learn how to package your data workloads and easily run them anywhere.

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Service Description

Getting workloads running on any machine usually involves lots of steps that have very little to do with what the workload would be doing, once it's up and running. You will likely need to provision a virtual machine, on-premise or in the cloud, install your app's software dependencies on it, configure environment variables, and execute a bunch of other one-off tasks. It's easy to make a mistake, and it can take a long time to debug (do you document *all* the steps needed to run on *any* machine?). And when the VM inevitably goes down, for maintenance or similar, you'll need to re-execute all those steps again, making mistakes more likely. Nathan Derave, senior data engineer at Data Minded, will teach you all about Docker during this 2 day hands-on workshop, switching between theory and exercises to bring home the main concepts. Without doubt, Docker is one of the most groundbreaking technologies from the last decade. If you're not using it, you're missing out and probably spending too much time on menial tasks. It's a core technology in the devops mindset, guaranteeing much better use of the time of developers and engineers working in operations. After following this workshop, you will be capable of modernizing any workload by containerizing it, and publishing the image to any container registry. You will be capable of deploying applications reproducibly and deterministically, thus guaranteeing smooth and quick deployments into a production environment. Join us!

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