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Join our
Data Engineering
Summer School

11th - 15th September


Learn data engineering from the pros

If you have some experience in programming with Python and are looking to take the next step in data engineering, this school is just for you.


With our years of experience in the field, and building real solutions for our clients, we aim to go beyond the theory and teach you all you need to know to become a productive data engineer.

At the end of the summer school, you will be able to add significant contributions to data engineering pipelines, whether you do so in teams or entirely by yourself! The skills and tools you've learned, engrained even, will serve you throughout your entire career.

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What does summer school exactly look like?


Need more details? Read on in the “what you may be wondering section”.

Summer School at a glance


On-premise classes at

Leuven, Belgium


5 days workshops with online videos beforehand

11th - 15th

September 2023

Full program is taught in English

  • 1.000 EUR for SMEs

  • 500 EUR for students

  • 2.000 EUR for others

15% off for groups of 2-3,
30% off for groups of 4-10
Register before July 2nd: -20%

Prices exclude VAT.

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What you will learn during our courses


Our experienced teachers


Oliver Willekens

Lead - Data Minded Academy

Oliver has trained many students already, and authored our MOOC on DataCamp. Besides the academy, Oliver leads client engagements for Data Minded.


Nathan Derave

Senior Data Engineer

Nathan has experience building solutions across three different cloud service providers (AWS, Azure and GCP).


Jan Vanbuel

Senior Data Engineer

Jan has deep knowledge of infrastructure automation and ML frameworks. 


Jelena Grujic

Data Engineer

Jelena is guiding the deployment of machine learning models into production and transforming SQL pipelines into modular, testable components


Hannes De Smet

Data Engineer

Hannes has experience building streaming engines on multiple cloud providers and is teaching several courses on Azure.


Michiel Dhadamus

Senior data engineer

Michiel has a broad perspective on industrializing data pipelines and programming languages.

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Pricing & Discounts

Winter School 2023 - Creatives (1).png

Making your people more capable data engineers 🚀


The Winter School was a good amount of challenging. A lot of the concepts were still new despite having gone through the material beforehand. I enjoyed all the exercises, and learned a lot.


 Naomi Thiru

Winter School 2022 participant

Week details

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What is Summer School & what will you learn?



Getting data done


Data Minded is a premium data engineering agency that was founded in 2014. It is our mission to elevate organisations to the next level of data maturity by guiding them to industrialise their data products, modernising their technological data landscape and improving the internal operating model and skills. All of which will make the clients more data minded.

A glimpse of the last Summer School

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