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Collaborating on data products through Azure DevOps



Duration (fully-guided training)


Flipped-classroom training duration:

of videos and

of interactive workshop.

About the Course

If you have been working in or around IT for the last few years, you have definitely heard about “Agile way of working” or even “CI/CD”. If you have a basic understanding of these concepts (or even if you don’t) you know you need tools to support these methods.

One of the tools that provide the capabilities for a business to work in an agile manner with good CI/CD is Azure DevOps. It facilitates the collaboration between scrum masters, managers, developers and related professionals, while also taking care of automating releases.

What will we cover?
For each of the following concepts the course includes conceptual and technical information as well as hands-on practice with the most important aspects.

- Introduction to the concepts of Agile and DevOps
- Introduction to the product “Azure DevOps”
- Azure Boards
- Introduction to scrum & kanban
- What is Azure Boards
- How does it work (hands on)
- Best Practices
- Azure Repos
- What are version control and CI?
- Introduction to git
- What is Azure Repos?
- How does it work (hands on)
-Best Practices
- Azure Pipelines
- What is CD?
- What is an Azure Pipeline?
- How do Classic pipelines work? (hands on)
- How do YAML pipelines work? (hands on)
- What is the difference between them?
- Advanced features (hands on)
- Integrations
- Costs
- Azure test plans
- Testing in software engineering
- Key concepts
- Manual tests (hands on)
- Automated tests (hands on)
- Azure Artifacts
- What are they?
- Key concepts
- Discussion & Things to keep in mind
How to do CICD for Azure Data Factory

Participants must be registered in an Azure Active Directory using their e-mail address. Participants will be sent an invitation to access our learning environment.

What will you be able to do after participating in this workshop?
- Get a basic understanding of each of the parts of Azure DevOps and why it is used.
- Create classic and yaml pipelines with integrations with Azure
- Know how to work in an agile/kanban way in Azure Boards
- Use Azure Repos as a versioning tool
- Know how to create and distribute artifacts by using Azure Artifacts
- Create a test strategy based on Azure Test Plans

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